"One of the most profound healing sessions I had the honour to experience, highly recommended" AJ 

"I had a Theta healing session with Ella and I must say, I found it an AMAZING experience! Ella was so intuitive and was able to pick up so much, she was also supportive and a great listener. I have had insomnia problem for last 14yrs, I can now sleep again with just one treatment…. I also had my chakras balanced, which was such a relaxing and blissful experience. Ella is truly is a gifted healer - N.Dattani 

"Ella's work has helped me enormously to get clarity around my life path and unblock seen and unseen obstacles to it. Highly recommend her sessions - Sarah 

"From my experience with Ella I highly recommend. Highly! - Michal 

"Ella you are great. The best chakra balance I have ever had and I had a few... highly recommended. Ella is amazing with crystals and so much more ... worth trying! - Liat 

"Feeling good after my Reiki session today, thank you Ella. Highly recommended! - Gail 

"Definately Ella Rankine - she's amazing - Nicci

 "That was fab! thanks Ella - Tamara 

"I can reccomend Ella Rankine - Kimberly 

"If I can draw one positive thing out of this pandemic then it's that amazing people that I was blessed to meet while traveling around the world, no show up in the online space. You don't have to go to Thailand anymore to work with Ella Rankine She's an amazing healer and you can get in touch with her to receive her amazing sessions through Zoom / call / FT - Andrea